chin-chin snack

chin-chin snack
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This product has a minimum quantity of 200

One box contains 200 small bags of Chin-chin snack, Individually parked 3.5oz with bar code for individual re-sale. shelf stable. Minimum order: One box.

Chin Chin is a snack made primarily from flour, sugar, butter and eggs. It is very often, tasty and crunchy and comes in differents shaped. Sold in clear/transparent plastic/ziploc food bags.

Chin-Chin is international food. These are easy and quick tea time snacks. Chin- Chin product is sold at small and big grocery stores. it used as snack during different occasions such as Wedding, birthdays, graduations, meetings, partiers, send off ceremonies, hosters of TV programs and school snack programs. Chin- Chin is very good midday, lunch and evening snacks for school kids.

We will call to give you the amount of the shipment as soon as the order is ready.

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